Volunteers wanted for TV research

Do you enjoy watching telly? I’d like you tell me about it!

I’m particularly interested in what you think about reality TV Cop shows – like UK Cops, Police Interceptors, Traffic Cops and even Crimewatch.

I’m a post-graduate student researcher at The University of Portsmouth and I’m looking for volunteers to watch some clips from TV shows while being filmed and talking about what it is they are watching.

It’s a bit like ‘Gogglebox‘ – I will film you watching TV while you are sat on your sofa at home along with any like-minded friends, neighbours or family members who’d like to join in.

I can pay £50 per group as compensation for your time and any inconvenience – plus I can order some food and drink for you to share.

There would be 30 to 40 minutes of  TV clips and afterwards I will ask you for your opinions on what you have just seen.

I’m looking for volunteers who are aged between 18 to 75, and are UK or EU citizens resident in the UK.

Interested? Please use the form below to find out more or contact me using the info in the side bar.

A list of FAQS is here

Pic: ©Pond5